Protecting Incomes

Protecting Incomes

The little income we earn gushes away from us through interest paid on loans that have been thrust upon us by those who undemocratically create money, through rents paid to those who continue to amass wealth through a system that rewards unearned income over earned income, through unjust taxes paid to compensate for those who avoid & evade it and through distorted prices on goods and services in imperfect markets.  The time has come to stem this flow.

  • Interest payments on debt we make to private banks who undemocratically create money out of nothing
  • Rent payments on land, property and resources we make to a minority who accumulate this unearned income that sustains inequality
  • Tax payments on income we make to fund essential public services to compensate for revenue lost to tax havens & loopholes
  • Purchase payments on goods and services we make to monopolies (large corporations, multinationals, utility providers and so on) benefiting from inadequate competition.
  • Financial payments on demands made through exploitative & fraudulent means.

We can make these changes by loosening the grip of BIG MONEY on our political system and consistently voting for politicians committed to make the radical reforms.


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