A Fair Deal at Work

A Fair Deal at Work

Labour Manifesto 2017:

Work should provide people with security and fulfilment.  But for too many people work is insecure and does not make ends meet.

The Conservatives boast about the recovery of employment, but our labour market is failing.  Real-terms pay is still lower than before the crash, and jobs are increasingly low skilled and insecure.

A Labour government will invest in enforcement through a new Ministry of Labour, and empower workers and their trade unions – because we are stronger when we stand together.

So we will review the rules on union recognition so that more workers have the security of a union.

At the same time as strengthening workers’ rights, we will make work more fulfilling by using public investment to upgrade our economy and create high-quality jobs.  While the Conservatives stand back and allow insecure work to spread, Labour will act to guarantee good jobs and businesses.

Labour Manifesto 2017

  • End zero hour contracts
  • Ban unpaid internships
  • Increase tax for those earning above £80,000
  • Raise the Minimum wage to the level of the Living Wage
  • Re-nationalisation of the railway system
  • Spend £250 billion over the next 10 years on infrastructure



High Pay Centre:  Income inequality in the UK.

“A CEO takes home more in three days than one of his employees can earn in a whole year.  Huge pay gaps in the UK lead to rising inequality, but it doesn’t have to be like this …”


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