Changing Politics

Changing Politics

By ensuring our political choices delivers for everyone of us – Straight talking, honest politics.

Motivating Change:  We are the majority – small business ownersentrepreneursself-employedprivate & public sector workersstudentspensionerssick & disabledunemployedvolunteers and carersveterans and many others.  We need a decent income to live with dignity and in comfort.   Under the present system money only trickles down to us in an unequal and unfair way.  Let us find out for ourselves why this is the case and use our vote to force through changes.

The existing money and financial system is a political choice, not an economic necessity.   When the focus is the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet, money can be made to work for us all.

Our re-energised Labour Party will champion these debates leading up to the next general election, whenever it is called.

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