Labour Party Achievements in Government

Labour Party Achievements in Government

Investments into Health and Education

Established NHS Direct and Walk-in Centres

Achieved Record high Patient Satisfaction ratings

National Minimum Wage

Fight against Child Poverty Enshrined in Law

Good Friday Agreement

Devolution to regions

Passing of Equality Act 2010

Sure Start program for Children (3632 centres)

Children Leaving Care Act 2000

Abolition of Grant Maintained Schools

Cut VAT twice, once permanently on fuel

Cut Homelessness by 41%

Civil Partnerships

Field of equalities: civil partnerships, the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, new rights for disabled people and other groups facing discrimination, positive action to bring more women into government, better maternity and paternity leave, childcare support, and encouraging family-friendly workplaces, freedom of information, and the right to roam.

Financial commitment to Africa, including major increases in aid, debt write-offs, and a promise of universal access to Aids treatment

Help set up International Criminal Court



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