Decentralised Social Ownership over Centralised Control

Decentralised Social Ownership Models


Jeremy Corbyn – Ralph Miliband Lecture, 11 May 2016.

“We are learning from the decentralised social ownership models … in Germany’s energy system … which can play a role in both the transition to a carbon-free future … and in putting power into the hands of local communities.

And we need to decentralise our country … with a National Investment Bank to truly rebalance the economy … achieved through a network of regional banks attuned to the needs and opportunities of local economies.”


Numerous ideas regarding community wealth-building programs are being discussed throughout the communities.  Labour will support groups that

  • facilitate conversation, connection, and collaboration among those now working in “silos” within the field of community building, and to encourage the support and participation of new constituencies who have not been formally involved in democratic, common asset, wealth-building programs;
  • broaden and deepen information available about the field (including the numbers of institutions; their economic value; actual and projected growth; their contributions to democratic practice; innovative cross-sectoral partnerships; and best practices and policies) which can further contribute to comparative analysis and actions that can support greater expansion and effectiveness across sectors;
  • illuminate and bring attention to the vast range of experiments and help paint a compelling picture of how neighborhoods and communities—particularly low-income communities and groups—can address the economic challenges they are facing using an asset-based, community wealth approach; and
  • help lay the groundwork for changes in policies more supportive of community wealth-building programs.

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