Reclaiming Economics

Reclaiming Economics.

The way we measure and develop our ‘economy’ should firmly be about the wellbeing of people & the planet.  There are clear, exciting and achievable alternatives that fully align with this vision. Public Services over PrivatisationInvestment over AusterityFair regulation over De-regulationSmall business over Mega corporationsPeople & planet over ProfitPolitical negotiation over WarEarned income over Unearned incomeDemocracy over Big moneyPublic money creation over Private money creationWorkers rights over a Race to the bottomEqual opportunities over Consolidating privilegeDecentralised social ownership models over Central control.

The existing money and financial system is a political choice, not an economic necessity.   When the focus is the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet, money can be made to work for us all.

Our re-energised Labour Party will champion these debates leading up to the next general election, whenever it is called.

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