Momentum Economy – Our Mission:

  • To Educate ourselves about our unequal economic, money & financial system.
  • To build Awareness of its impact on our lives.
  • To provide each other with Insight on how to build a democratic, fair & decent society powered by a stable, sustainable & thriving economy.
  • To Inspire each other to call for systemic changes, champion economic & financial reforms & drive its transformation.
  • To Campaign for a Labour victory, with an economy underpinned by ‘common-sense economics’ that has the well being of many and sustainability of the environment as its focus.

We believe that our current economy serves the financial interest of a few at the cost of the many.  Our top heavy system is creating an unsustainable and unequal society for all of us. If the majority of the country cannot equally participate in and create it’s economy, then the system fails. We are proposing that the many take back the reigns of how their financial system can and should work to make us all thrive as a society. There is no secret to economics. It is not in the hands of the few to determine how our economy should work. We, the many, determine that in a democratic society. This website is an opportunity to share an alternative way of looking at money and how it is spent – welcome to Momentum Economics and making money work for people!

How can we achieve this?

We achieve this by fully aligning with Labour Party’s ‘New Economic’ thinking and partnering with leading organizations and experts committed to see change to our existing economic and financial model.

  • CHANGING POLITICS:  By ensuring our political choices delivers for everyone the many – Straight talking, honest politics.
  • DEFINDING RIGHTS:  By focusing on our critical needs – Enhancing the wellbeing of our families, communities & ourselves.
  • PROTECTING INCOMES: By challenging unfair practices holding us back & withholding funds – Delivering a more democratic & equitable society.
  • FUNDING SERVICES:   By transforming our money & finance system into a fairer one – Implementing policies to truly reshape our economy.
  • REFORMING ECONOMY:  By placing people and planet before profit – Developing common-sense ideas for sustainability.


What is the relationship with the Labour Party and People’s Momentum?

Momentum Economy is INDEPENDENT, but fully supportive of, the Labour Party, Labour leadership and People’s Momentum (the successor of the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign).