Worker Rights

Worker Rights

Labour Manifesto 2017 – Workers Rights

Strengthening workers’ rights should be Labour’s priority” – Jeremy Corbyn comment in the Guardian.

  • Workers need not only minimum guaranteed hours, but also reasonable compensation for being available.
  • Strengthening unions’ ability to bargain collectively. Should be mandatory for all employers with over 250 staff to bargain collectively with recognised trade unions.
  • True living wage.
  • Labour has set up Workplace 2020, a national conversation with the self-employed, business and the public, supported by the trade unions, to develop a new settlement for business and the workforce.
  • Labour would reform the takeover code to ensure any corporate buyer has the means to acquire a company without saddling it with debt (avoid situations such as BHS)
  • Public investment in infrastructure and the industries of the future centre stage, driven by a national investment bank in every region of the country.  Raising investment to a new level to transform our economy & provide the high-skill jobs.
  • Better enforcement of workers rights through the Gangmasters License Authority & HMRC.

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