Inspiring Reforms

Inspiring Reforms

Public institutions are fundamental to the process where democratic choices of people can be implemented.   Our democratic process surely enables our core needs to be met better than they are today through a reformed money systemfairer taxationbetter regulatory environmentreformed state institutions and collaborative international relationships.

By transforming our money & finance system into a fairer one – Implementing policies to truly reshape our economy.  This can be delivered with a

  • Money system that is democratically controlled and works for the benefit of the many and not just a few
  • Taxation system that is fair, robust and transparent
  • Regulatory system that champions the interest of the people, eliminates conflicts of interest and treats both small & large businesses fairly
  • Institutional (HMRC, BoE, Treasury and so on) structure that places social and environmental issues at the heart of its decision making

We can make these changes by loosening the grip of BIG MONEY on our political system and consistently voting for politicians committed to make the radical reforms.

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